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my reason for not blogging as much as I should…

no need for words.

I am at about 13 weeks.

Awe, disbelief, exhausted, overwhelmed, excited, overjoyed, intrigued, curious, and exhausted best describes how I feel these days.


I promise once that energy comes back there will be more posts & more entertaining news. But until then… XO!



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new home


photo: candy coloured homes on Glisan Street in Portland, Oregon

The last 2–3 weeks have been nuts. And I don’t mean good nutty necessarily..I mean, pack-up-your-bags, your-boxes, your-life and find-a-great-new-home-real fast, kind of nuts. 

The mister and I have succeeded in finding a new home that works for our needs. It is bright, it has a nice view, and is mere steps away from a big park with a lake full of geese and ducks. We’re moving back to East Vancouver, and somehow, that too, feels really good. Lots of new bright photos are guaranteed.

So this is my excuse for not posting more often here on this blog and that too will change once we settle into this new home. Lots of things, I feel will change along with a new home..and at this point I anticipate the changes – no matter how out-of-control I may feel at times. 

So – I will be currently M.I.A. for the next week or so. We lose our internet service tomorrow (the big move day) and should be ready to go with a new modem and shiny new internet service come this time next week..!

Until then friends, I thank you for reading and the comments. I look forward to setting up shop again and being back to “normal” in no time.

Have a wonderful weekend and here’s to warm weather ahead! (Happy Birthday Mum!)

Love: me. xo!


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surprise breeds vitality

A surprise note from a wonderful old school friend I received today in regards to life throwing us curve balls…..

“Life sure does like to throw the curve balls.  I think if it didn’t throw us some now and then, we would end up just moving through life without really enjoying it. Its good to take a direction you’re not expecting to take. Surprise breeds Vitality.”

This will be my mantra from now on.

 surprise kisses – valentines card sarahjanestudios.etsy.com


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flashback – new habits over old

new habits over old

I think it’s this time of year. The first month of a new year. I spend a fair amount of time dreaming about what exactly I’d like to have happen.

This painting hangs on my livingroom wall. I painted it during a flurry of activity almost 3 years ago, among about 10 other paintings in a series I called “Quantuum Theories”.  All based on new ideas, new thoughts and renewed hope for the future. This painting I titled: ‘New Habits Over Old’

And this is exactly where I stand in my brain today. 

New habits over old is based on the theory that in order to break your habits, your routines, and your old way of thinking – is to rewrite over the old. The neural nets in the brain are powerful paths to how you think.

To break the links in your brain that lead you from one old habit to another and to re-route those new links in your brain to something more preferable. To something new and fresh and more suitable for your life.

I believe change is good. We as humans need change, although sometimes very far out of our comfort zone, change challenges us to practice adversity, faith, and strength.. we are by nature, evolutionary beings.

I continue to look at this painting with hope that I have the strength and willpower to change the things I can and to accept the things out of my control.

Kung Hei Fat Choi to you all too! the year of the ox brings much diversity and challenge. Let’s embrace it all with a positive heart.



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