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keepin’ some faith -or- “Your Garden Homestead”

a photo I took last November.

not much to look at, but this photo passed my mind when I started thinking about dreams.

I’ve got the future on my mind lately. sometimes I can do that…become completely lost in my hopes and dreams for the future, and believe me, as an only child with a HUGE imagination, I’ve acquired quite the hefty list of things I’d like to do while I’m here on planet earth.

one most prevalent thought -one that lulls me into a deep, delirious & sweet sleep when I hit the pillow at night- is the thought of having a piece of land to call home. Not a massive piece of land mind you, but a special, sweetly-sized parcel of green where we can build things with our hands, create solid foundations and things that grow.

Manifest all sorts of self-sufficient projects and ideas.

I grew up in a unique community, like none other, in co-operative housing. I know democratic meetings, I know co-op clean-up days, I know pot-lucks, I know block parties and community values! lol! I learned as I grew that co-operative housing can really work for a group of people with different lifestyles. It can work to keep a community running smoothly and efficiently. It keeps people united with a common goal of decent living. I dream of having a small ‘co-operative’ of my own someday..in the most flexible of terms, of course.

I have numerous friends that are currently locked out of the possibility of owning their own land or home. Like many others, they’ve been locked out of many areas of this country because of prices. While we bump along the current economic times, one ‘pro’ to the loss and drop of finances, could possibly be that prices on land and homes drop too. We keep our fingers crossed that perhaps a door of opportunity opens for us. But in the meantime why not utilize the concept of a co-operative?

a group of people come together with their hard-earned resources and share the cost of a location for all of them to live. splitting the cost you are now invested in not only your own piece of ownership. (if that’s your thing) but you have also invested in the beginning of a small community. Depending on the peoples preferences and values one could create something that involves everyone or create something more scaled back for privacy. either way, you get what you put into it.

chores, duties & responsibilties are all split up fairly amongst the “members” of the community. any benefits from your labour and hardwork in this community gets redistributed amongst the membership.

one for all, and all for one.

It might sound like it, but it’s also not thinking that far out of the box either. I’m not saying this is an ideal, I’m not saying this is utopia, but it is something that I think could be excercised more. Don’t you?

building and sharing, giving and recieving, . what a thrill!!!

here’s to it, everyone! whattya say? see you on the lands – it’d be grand to have you there!


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