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Graffiti necklace – a giveaway!!!

and about time too, huh?

sorry for the delays friends, life is tripping me up a bit with all the newness&change with baby bird arriving this fall, plus my computer gets very angry in the summer heat so she needs a nice siesta in the afternoons.. just like I do! lol.

this fun piece is available to someone special…could it be you???

a collaboration of my sketchy & painty skills along with tomate d’epingles’ words & jewelry design came up with a delightful, fun and surprising project for all of us. I primed and painted about 40+ wooden circles with poetry and quotes in a not-too-serious kind of way..once dry, I sent them all out to the girls in Quebec for them to create unique pieces to wear. & out came a whole series of necklaces for their customers & clients!!

this is a really fun and whimsical trinket packed up in all signature eco-friendly packaging to adorn your neck! (psst….I’m throwing in a wee arty secret treat made from my 2 hands for you to enjoy with your necklace also-double the fun! )

all that is required for the special someone to recieve this in their letter box, is to go to both tomate d’epingles blog, to read some of the fabulous things they’ve published and to make a comment in the comments section of one of their articles. easy peasy, done & done!

 then come back here and make a comment, with your email, on this very post.

I’ll throw everyone into the random.org generator, shake it to mix thoroughly & see who comes up!!

lucky lucky for somebody!!

this offer will go until end of this month. and I will contact the special someone by email for mailing details and announce it here when I can!


best summery wishes everyone!

July 30th update: With this heat wave we’re having, and my holidays coming up any day now, I’ve decided to extend the deadline of this giveaway until August 15th. More chances for you to enter and win!! big summer loves to you! xo!



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ongoing series – ‘we shall live here’

finally photo’d the latest pieces of my ongoing series called “we shall live here” pictured above are #’s 6-10. 

I’ll be listing these over the next couple of days in my etsy shop…hoping they find a happy home to live…ironically since this series is based on the themes of homes, houses, abodes, and where you live…and is my way of trying to cultivate a new home for us sometime in the near future.

I will also promise to blog more often…still feeling under-the-weather some days and trying to regain some strength and stamina for studio times. the sun is out, and I am patiently waiting for the seeds we ordered from west coast seeds to arrive… I think it will be just the thing to kick me in the bum and get rolling on a big project I’ve been brainstorming. more about that soon!

oh and I have another fabulous give-away coming up soon, stay tuned, but in the meantime will tantalize you with this link from a previous post I wrote about a collaboration between tomated’epingles and myself… is that a big enough hint? heh-heh-heh…stay tuned, more soon.

Happy Hump Day! xo!!


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flashback – new habits over old

new habits over old

I think it’s this time of year. The first month of a new year. I spend a fair amount of time dreaming about what exactly I’d like to have happen.

This painting hangs on my livingroom wall. I painted it during a flurry of activity almost 3 years ago, among about 10 other paintings in a series I called “Quantuum Theories”.  All based on new ideas, new thoughts and renewed hope for the future. This painting I titled: ‘New Habits Over Old’

And this is exactly where I stand in my brain today. 

New habits over old is based on the theory that in order to break your habits, your routines, and your old way of thinking – is to rewrite over the old. The neural nets in the brain are powerful paths to how you think.

To break the links in your brain that lead you from one old habit to another and to re-route those new links in your brain to something more preferable. To something new and fresh and more suitable for your life.

I believe change is good. We as humans need change, although sometimes very far out of our comfort zone, change challenges us to practice adversity, faith, and strength.. we are by nature, evolutionary beings.

I continue to look at this painting with hope that I have the strength and willpower to change the things I can and to accept the things out of my control.

Kung Hei Fat Choi to you all too! the year of the ox brings much diversity and challenge. Let’s embrace it all with a positive heart.



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