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surprise breeds vitality

A surprise note from a wonderful old school friend I received today in regards to life throwing us curve balls…..

“Life sure does like to throw the curve balls.  I think if it didn’t throw us some now and then, we would end up just moving through life without really enjoying it. Its good to take a direction you’re not expecting to take. Surprise breeds Vitality.”

This will be my mantra from now on.

 surprise kisses – valentines card sarahjanestudios.etsy.com



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give away! write a note to your loved one.

who doesn’t like love notes? doesn’t matter who it could be from, your friend, your roomate, your little brother or your mom, don’t deny it, it feels GOOD!

So I am doing a giveaway here.

leave a comment below telling me who the most surprising & delightful person would be in your world to recieve a love note from. be sure to leave an email address or link to you so I can find you.

I’ll randomly pick a winner in about a week, February 6th -and announce it here. the winner will get an assortment of postcards of my work (seen above) plus a few other fun little goodies as a surprise.

have fun! xo!


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