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….and the winner is…

without further ado, the winner of our tomate d’ epingles graffiti necklace giveaway is:

alexkeller!!! see her great blog here: http://alexkellerblog.blogspot.com/

I was hoping that more people would post their comments to enter the giveaway, but then again the upside to so few entries is more chances to win.

we used random.org to generate the results.


I will be contacting Alex shortly with the good news but in the meantime I would love to extend thanks to each of you for your interest and send my best wishes your way.

Enjoy the days, friends!!


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Graffiti necklace – a giveaway!!!

and about time too, huh?

sorry for the delays friends, life is tripping me up a bit with all the newness&change with baby bird arriving this fall, plus my computer gets very angry in the summer heat so she needs a nice siesta in the afternoons.. just like I do! lol.

this fun piece is available to someone special…could it be you???

a collaboration of my sketchy & painty skills along with tomate d’epingles’ words & jewelry design came up with a delightful, fun and surprising project for all of us. I primed and painted about 40+ wooden circles with poetry and quotes in a not-too-serious kind of way..once dry, I sent them all out to the girls in Quebec for them to create unique pieces to wear. & out came a whole series of necklaces for their customers & clients!!

this is a really fun and whimsical trinket packed up in all signature eco-friendly packaging to adorn your neck! (psst….I’m throwing in a wee arty secret treat made from my 2 hands for you to enjoy with your necklace also-double the fun! )

all that is required for the special someone to recieve this in their letter box, is to go to both tomate d’epingles blog, to read some of the fabulous things they’ve published and to make a comment in the comments section of one of their articles. easy peasy, done & done!

 then come back here and make a comment, with your email, on this very post.

I’ll throw everyone into the random.org generator, shake it to mix thoroughly & see who comes up!!

lucky lucky for somebody!!

this offer will go until end of this month. and I will contact the special someone by email for mailing details and announce it here when I can!


best summery wishes everyone!

July 30th update: With this heat wave we’re having, and my holidays coming up any day now, I’ve decided to extend the deadline of this giveaway until August 15th. More chances for you to enter and win!! big summer loves to you! xo!


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baby bird summertime sale – deal o’ the week

Thought I should post some of the nifty deals that I’m offering this summer under my “summertime baby bird sale”  

This is a seasonal sale, but is very rare. I wont be offering deals like this anytime in the near future and may have to temporarily close shop by years end, so catch this while you can friends.

I am also telling my artistic and crafty friends that trades, too, are definitely welcome! Send me a note or comment here and I’ll be in touch with you to talk more details.

but without further ado…..the deal o’ the day!

bird under the trees ORIGINAL

bird in the green ORIGINAL

bird dreams ORIGINAL

these 3 original pieces were all created with a handcarved bird stamp, placed on unique handmade papers, with ink and acrylic accents.

All packaged up with bristol board and tages of authenticity, these are some sweet little gems for your art collection. Each measures about 6″ x 6″

All pieces are marked down at 50% off PLUS free shipping! I couldn’t dream of a better deal.

Interested in something else? Intrigued by the sale and it’s offerings? comment below & I’ll reply as quick as I can!

Check out my shop and the one-time deals here!

happy days! xo!


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the good people – Guylaine & Isabelle Martineau

Long overdue but well worth the wait in my opinion, the next artists’ in this feature include the fab sister duo working together as .tomate d’epingles.

Please read on to learn more about these amazing ladies.  

  tomate header 1

Tell me what you do, who you are, and the area you are located
.tomate d’épingles. is a sister act, featuring Guylaine and Isabelle. We live in Québec city, Canada. We are self-taught jewelers, who share a love for all things shiny, and fashion!  Combining recycled, vintage, retro and natural materials into unique creations, our quirky handmade jewellery and accessories will surprise you!

  watch parts 2

-What lights your creative fire?
Guylaine loves to scavenges all sorts of bits and baubles, in thrift stores, dumpsters, garage sales… that’s what inspires her : the random shiny object she found, doesn’t know what she should do with but that she just CANT leave there and has to bring it back home with her.

For Isabelle, it’s mostly textures who talk to her. She often gets ideas just before falling asleep and sometimes when creating a model, she gets new ideas. She loves to jot them down in a pad, draw them, exaggerate them and then try to see if it can actually become something.

When we both use the same materials, the final result is never the same. We inspire each other that way.
fashion show eco-friendly 3 

-Do you collect/hoard anything?
Oh yes! we collect tons of stuff, from vintage buttons to beads, sewing notions, vintage patterns… Our appartment is chock-full of goodies! Guylaine sorts all our treasures by shape, color, size – she’s an organized pack rat!

recycled pearls and feathers 4

-List some of the things that make you happy:
music, birds, family, kisses, dancing, sunlight, shinny objects, friends, cats that purr, green…

the workroom 5

-What is one of your pet peeves?
Disorganized stuff! :o) Angry people. Cars that honk for no good reason.

recycled pencil earrings 6
-Describe your (almost) perfect day.
imagine there are no guns, no bombs and no disease, no hungry mouths to feed
that would be the perfect day
an almost perfect day is sunny, on vacation, drinking a very strong coffee or a glass of red wine somewhere in Italy
or a sunny day, with friends, chilling out to good music and reinventing the world on our huge patio
you know, we just try to have fun every day! its not easy.

PHOTO - Québec Scope 8

Do you have a current project that is exciting you? Would you like to share a little bit of it?
our jewelry was featured in an eco-oriented fashion show at the Capitole de Québec, in Québec City, on April 19th. We had 50 models to adorn with our jewelry! Its a huge task, but we had SO much fun! Pictures are posted on our blog www.tomatedepingles.blogspot.com


Thank you so much ladies! Keep up the amazing work! 


You can see more of Guylaine and Isabelle’s photos and work here: http://tomatedepingles.ca

We’ll also be holding a wee giveaway of a poetry pendant I mentioned awhile back next week. These ladies have even gone to the lengths of wrapping it all up in awesome eco-friendly tomate signature wrapping paper just for you…plus, just for kicks, I’ve thrown in some extra fun little things for you too!

so stay tuned!



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baby bird!

baby bird!, originally uploaded by tanisalexis.

our baby bird is coming soon!
& we’re having a summertime sale at tanisalexis.etsy.com

we are having a big sale here at tanis alexis land
to make more room for our first baby to arrive this fall.

we want you to own some nice handmade goods from us.
we want those handmade goods to make you happy

we also really want you to know that your purchases will directly help us to make, create, scavenge, hunt-down, & purchase all the little and big things that come with a new family addition.
we want to make more great things that will put a smile on your face.

we want that to make you feel a wee bit happier than you already are.

we like happy!

sale will start June 12th , 2009 and continue throughout the summertime until quantities last.
deals include free shipping & up to 50% off (!!!) selected items.

p.s. this is one of those rare, once-in-a-lifetime sales that may not ever be repeated. so catch us while you can. xo!


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