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pyrex love affair

The whole family just got back from a nice visit to my hometown of Edmonton. We had a grand time visiting with some fantastic old friends, lots of good love-time with my Mum aka: Nana Rue and some well-deserved r&r.

I also had lots of fun scouring the antique malls and my mothers basement for heaps of fun, vintage kitchenwares! Hooray! I totally satiated my obsession with vintage pyrex and brought home 2 extra boxes packed full and sent on the bus.  I covet these goodies so much and now dream of the amazing kitchen I will have sometime in the near future where I will display all these goodies. Hahahaha!

Happy Springtime everyone. Lots of love from all of us! XO!



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Sept 5th farmers market, originally uploaded by tanisalexis.

Hush now child,
and don’t you cry
Your folks might understand you
by and by
Move on up
towards your destination
You may find
from time to time

Bite your lip
and take a trip
Though there may be
wet road ahead
You cannot slip
Just move on up
and peace you will find
Into the steeple
of beautiful people
Where there’s only one kind

So hush now child
and don’t you cry
Your folks might understand you
by and by
Just move on up
and keep on wishing
Remember your dreams
are your only schemes
So keep on pushing
Take nothing less –
not even second best
And do not obey –
you must have your say
You can past the test

Move on up

Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up

This song by Curis Mayfield is playing in the background as I gear myself up for this blog post.

I am not sure why it’s been so incredibly challenging to try to post regularily here. But I know I do have many excuses. Time being one of them, and then there’s that pesky voice in the back of my head that says: “well that blog-post idea wouldn’t be very interesting to read.”

and so the battle continues.

Time certainly flies. Only moments ago it was the start of Summertime, one of my favourite times of year, full of warmth, colour, vibrant antics, and lots of sunshine. This year though it’s a different kind of embrace for me. My energy is in reserve, tapped from the slightest chore, or small feat..sending me back to my bed to sleep the time away and re-energize. It also takes time to get to know my new self in all of this. Growing babies is hard work. Though physically I don’t need to tell my body what to do and how to grow this little bean in my belly, it still takes energy, patience, time and faith.

We’re fortunate to have the local and one of the larger city farmers markets a mere minutes walk away from our front door. Every Saturday morning we stroll over to the market and make our pick out of the fabulous selection of fruits, veggies and foodstuffs for our weeks diet. I feel lucky we can live in an area that can produce such variety, such abundance, and such amazing, healthy colour. It brings the ‘squirrel’ out in me around this time of year, and I get a tiny bit frantic knowing that this freshness will not be fully available to us for much longer. I yearn to can, to freeze, to preserve and to concoct delicious tidbits to enjoy during the cold months.

I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen whipping up yummies rather than in the studio whipping up artful goodies. Because my energy dictates my mode. Call it a slow mode. Similar to the Slow food movement. A slow life.

I also have this same theme occuring in my business/art life as the Art Show and Craft Fair applications come tumbling into my email inbox. I know I just can’t commit this time around. I am saving myself for the mysteries of motherhood, the wintertime hibernations, the slow life of doing things on a different time. Re-aquainting myself with, myself.

So I will try my best to continue my regular posts, but can’t promise anything. This coming Autumn/Winter brings many question marks and I am finally embracing the ‘out-of-control’ feelings I have now with the world. The one true wisdom of many I’ve gleaned this Summertime is that no one is really in FULL control of their worlds.. we can maintain a sense of balance and sureness and goals to head somewhere we dream..but we are never in full control of how those goals will come to us. I feel good about this. 

It concocts a sense of wonder, curiosity, and innocence to me and my little world. I hope it does for you too.


In the meantime, I am not too far away. I am still here, I am still online checking up on things, keeping my hands in the pots of goodness that abound in the wonderful worlds of art & craft..

Be sure to check out my flickr photostream, where I do post photos regularily. I’ve built up a nice world of contacts and friends there. A truly supportive and inspiring environment to get lost in. Flickr is my blog too, because sometimes, photo’s are a lot easier for me than words.

I wish you all love, happiness and wonderment. Happy changing Seasons!



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inspirations – happy friday!

It must be the bright rays of sunshine hitting me in the eyes today, after a week of dreary typical West Coast weather -including a hit of unseasonal snow- that has made me want to post these fun few things that make me smile. Sunshine makes me smile. I hope these things make you smile too.

Beard Papa’s ( www.muginohousa.com/ ) is a Japanese franchise. They specialize in cream puffs. Here I was this whole time thinking I knew exactly what a cream puff was, let me tell you I was wrong!! This whole time I thought a cream puff was something simple, something so basic and kind of boring compared to the many other glorious desserts out there.. The name ‘cream puff’ being almost the best part of what it actually was..I was very very wrong.  And I’m so glad I am. This particular delight is exactly what childhood dreams are made of. This!!! is a Cream Puff! The exterior is a light crispy and cloud like pastry, not too sweet, just perfect providing a save haven for the cream inside. When you order a cream puff in this establishment, they do it properly by filling each one as ordered. No soggy pastry! no foolish haste, they are filled at the time of consumption. We order the vanilla (they also have strawberry and chocolate) we are purists and vanilla seems like the real deal. And is it ever! The cream filling, again not too sweet is light and filled with real vanilla seeds. You’d think by sight that these would be heavy, filling and rich. They are not. The cream is kept refrigerated until filling, and the cool temperature of the cream lends itself to being almost a refreshing kind of delight…light, creamy, cloud-like…Have I described it enough? We’re fortunate to have one of these franchises on Denman street here in Vancouver, just across the street from English Bay beach. I see myself going down the the beach this Summer, ordering a giant hotdog from the ‘Dogfather’ to split with the mister, and then venturing over to Beard Papa’s for a couple of cream puffs for desert.

Call me addicted, but it certainly sounds like an ideal date night to me!

The next inspiration for me this week has been this c.d we purchased the other weekend. I had heard many a great review for this wonderful musical couple as well as quite a few of their older songs on my favourite station to stream online ckua.com They inform me of some really amazing musicians that I would never otherwise know about and that alone makes me grateful.

When the mister and I went out window shopping last weekend, we saw this and knew it had to be ours. Besides the fantastic photos and spread inside the album. The music is an ecclectic mix of synthesized electronics, beautiful African beats, guest producers and collaborators. Do yourself a favour and check them out, I cannot do justice here describing their sounds, their talents and their amazing love story too.

And lastly! Leonard Cohen is on his last stint of his world tour and is coming to my neck of the woods in April. Tickets for Vancouver go on sale on March 3rd and I was hoping I might be able to scrape some savings together to see him as this WILL BE the only ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment to see him live. He is after all in his 80’s and I’m sure to retire after this long tour. Sadly I’ve discovered that tickets are going for $95-550!!!!!!!!!! for his performance here in Vancouver. ARG! There is no possibility of paying that much to see him, and I guess the organizers of this tour know that this is one of those moments where most people will pay that sort of money if they can afford to see him. BOO! I say. hahaha! I’m sorry Leonard! I wish I could see you, for so many reasons. Mainly for the fact that I sung to your songs when I was only 12 as I taught myself how to paint in my Mum’s basement.

The radio station I mentioned above -ckua.org- located in Alberta just announced a giveaway for 2 pairs of tickets and can you believe I sat on the phone trying to get through just as I type this post! Hahaha, seriously, if I had won, it would’ve been cheaper for me to get a cheap flight back to my hometown of Edmonton to see him instead of paying the incredibly ridiculous ticket prices here.


oh well.

Leonard, I still love you, but please know that seeing you live is (almost) an impossibility for me in Vancouver.

XO!! happy weekend everyone. I hope it’s filled with sweet treats, great music, and lots of sunshine.


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