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prints available online!

We Shall Live Here #10

Since time has been a major factor for all things in life, particularly since a certain little babe was born, I’ve decided to open a shop site on Society6  for the time being.

This way I can offer to you a quick, professional service for prints (framed or not) and in some cases printed canvas also! Society6 provides a great place for artists to offer their work to the masses without the hassle of doing the printing, packaging, shipping and worrying that other avenues entail. My time is precious and I know yours is too. Keep checking back RIGHT OVER HERE SWEETNESS as I slowly add various images over the next weeks. great idea for gifts. and if you’re so inclined in participating, there’s free worldwide shipping on now and throughout the weekend.



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ongoing series – ‘we shall live here’

finally photo’d the latest pieces of my ongoing series called “we shall live here” pictured above are #’s 6-10. 

I’ll be listing these over the next couple of days in my etsy shop…hoping they find a happy home to live…ironically since this series is based on the themes of homes, houses, abodes, and where you live…and is my way of trying to cultivate a new home for us sometime in the near future.

I will also promise to blog more often…still feeling under-the-weather some days and trying to regain some strength and stamina for studio times. the sun is out, and I am patiently waiting for the seeds we ordered from west coast seeds to arrive… I think it will be just the thing to kick me in the bum and get rolling on a big project I’ve been brainstorming. more about that soon!

oh and I have another fabulous give-away coming up soon, stay tuned, but in the meantime will tantalize you with this link from a previous post I wrote about a collaboration between tomated’epingles and myself… is that a big enough hint? heh-heh-heh…stay tuned, more soon.

Happy Hump Day! xo!!


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