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I realized about halfway though my very solitary processes as an artist that i
I really can be my own worst enemy.
The procrastinations, the self-criticism, the ridiculous and never ending distractions….those are all the ones I taught myself to identify over the years. but the big lesson I learned was that I held a very specific expectation of what my art needed to look like, and I would attach myself very firmly to the outcome of me obtaining that exact perfect image with what I had on hand.
So, Wow! way to set myself up for disappointment and a sense of perfectionism I may never acheive..! haha, it was truly eye opening to become conscious of that self sabotage I created for myself!

This was in my youngest art making years when I thought a decade of schooling and the right set of luck would set me on a very easy and successful career learning about art..
it took me years of art practice and self exploration to develop a style and a confidence in my own work, and meditation as well as conscious compassionate thoughts for my work were what helped me through my barriers.
There will be times I will feel the need to loosen up in my studio practices so some deep breaths, some passionately focused presence, and letting the intuitive flow are the guides I follow.
With it can come some really new experiments, a new technique or even a new series idea…so the investment to me is huge.

the flow grows, and it layers together into a whole new story.

as we are guided by our passions and follow our deep desires to do what we love to do the most, the lessons we learn within that, always seem to trickle into the rest of our lives…. and isn’t that what it’s about?

life is art.



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commence the blog

hi everyone. a quick little update from me during this glorious summer we are having. I honestly haven’t been in the studio nearly as much as i’ve wanted to, but there are, of course, a million and one reasons (ahem!) for my not creating as much as my big artist muse would like to..one of the bigger (and more exciting) reasons is that I am working on the organizational and business side of my work and that’s been new, and strange (hahaha!) and admittedly overwhelming. this is the dirty work I’ve avoided because I lacked a mentor during the process of getting “real” with my work. hey, I want this to be my main income don’t I? that’s a huge challenge for all artists, including this one. ๐Ÿ™‚
and now I’m gaining allies which only further strengthens my journey as a creative person. Yesterday I met a wonderfully inspiring woman named Harmony who is the executive director at the Langley Arts Council. We met and chatted about what I felt I needed in my art business to become more sustainable (love that word) and it was a true pleasure to hear harmony’s words and perspectives about it all.
Harmony wants me to blog more often. lol! I told her I would try, so here I am….bear with me as I get my blogging shoes on and make sure they’re comfy and fit well. there will be more noise out of me here I hope. and in the meantime I also hope a revamp of this site will commence too. lots of exciting changes around here!
sending out a tonne of love to all who come here to read. i’ve been told I’m a story teller so hopefully I can share more stories with you all. xoxo!

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Springtime Updates..


As always I am struggling to get online and post updates for you all. I wear many hats and sometimes I forget to take the first one off ย before I put the next oneย on. ย I am sure there are many mothers out there who can relate.

April is a month of many birthdays, and 3 wonderful friends of mine are celebrating a new year of adventure. Many celebrations and time spent together is essential (I think) in order to cultivate an excitement for the new and fresh, as well as a sense of gratitude and contentment. Aren’t you Springtime babies wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

First update is that I am now on instagram, woot! It’s been great snapping quick snippets of my life in, around and amongst my family and creative life.

Find the instagram photo and link to my account in the right sidebar over there.

Follow me would ya?



Second update is that I’ve had to cancel my April 20th felt workshop due to a family affair. Quite honestly my mother isn’t in the greatest health and I am hoping we’re able to visit her for the Easter long weekend. I don’t get enough opportunities to visit with my mother and this will be a great time to reconnect and catch up. Perhaps we’ll see the easter rabbit.

Lastly, I hope this can make up for the cancelled felt workshop this month…

I will be offering a free needle felting workshop and a vessel making wet felt workshop through the Womens Resource Centre called herART.ย Available here in Nanaimo, B.C. it’s a fun opportunity to take some art classes with people in the community.

I’m going to let the ladies over at this facebook link show you what’s happening with that. ๐Ÿ™‚ RIGHT HERE


Much love

t xo!

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tips & tricks

current works, originally uploaded by tanisalexis.

‘Tis the season for some learning! ๐Ÿ™‚ I recently participated in Nanaimo’s first Swap-o-rama-rama, and met so many new people all looking to learn some new tips and tricks about how to upcycle their shunken and worn out old sweaters. My completed project was felt fascinators for the hair, all put together with a bunch of needle felting, but once those needles came out it was apparent that most people wanted to ditch the project and make something of their very own. one woman made a big patch to pin on her coat shaped like an eye. It was awesome to see what people created.
With this in mind and realizing I have a whole load of information about felt making bumping around in my head, as well as a giant vial full of brand new felting needles (Thanks Moxie!) that it would be a shame to not open this fun up on a more regular basis.
You see, the problem I have had in the past with planning these sorts of workshops is the idea factory I run in my brain…it never stops…I treat the learning process in the same way I treat the creating process, instinctively, intuitively, naturally…
these will be open classes.
to participate, you will need to sign up with me for any of the dates times I have open (see below) and I’ll send you a list of basic materials you need to bring. ย (as well as a minimum fee* of $15 which includes supplies and guidance on your project. )

don’t have an idea for what you want to make? have something specific in mind that you want help with? I provide assistance with all things wool felt and together we discuss the merits as well as design the project together if need be. ๐Ÿ™‚
I offer one-on-one fully custom classes for the felt/fiber lover who is interested in delving deep with me and exploring the many facets of wool & felt.**

Assist me on a large project or we design something of our very own, and you will take your project home.

Based on discussions through email or on the phone we will decide what our goals are, gather resources and plan for a whole big explosive time together felting our hearts out. (Small deposit and pre-registration required)
Good music, yummy snacks to keep us fueled and a big imagination are mandatory, please bring yours and I’ll bring mine. ๐Ÿ™‚
Plan a ladies afternoon, a small birthday gathering, a special treat for yourself or just a blissful time to learn a new art.
Email me at:
tanisalexis@yahoo.ca for more information

felting tips&tricks workshops /sunday afternoons: bring a snack, your current project or an idea. email: tanisalexis@yahoo.ca to pre-register.***

Sunday, March 9th
Sunday, April 20th (Easter Weekend!)ย Cancelled.
Sunday May 18th
Sunday, June 22nd

additional dates available for custom classes. please email me for more information.

* $15 minimum fee is in consideration of those with a limited income. If you can afford to pay more, it is encouraged as this only serves for me to provide more classes, with better supplies and materials for you to benefit from. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for supporting artistry and learning.

**wool felt is the earliest fabric known to man, and predates spun and woven fabric. wool felt is created by the friction of fibres rubbing up against one another in order to bind closely and tangle to make a sturdy, warm and versatile fabric. two main types of felt making are dry felting (needle) and wet felting, a combination of these techniques along with a variety of materials and supplies the possibilities of felt making and design are endless!

*** located in beautiful Nanaimo on Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada. Guest rooms available for out of town guests with preregistration, phone confirmation and deposit. Too far away to visit? See some of my online tutorials available here.

happy felting everyone! and much love.

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prints available online!

We Shall Live Here #10

Since time has been a major factor for all things in life, particularly since a certain little babe was born, I’ve decided to open a shop site on Society6ย ย for the time being.

This way I can offer to you a quick, professional service for prints (framed or not) and in some cases printed canvas also! Society6 provides a great place for artists to offer their work to the masses without the hassle of doing the printing, packaging, shipping and worrying that other avenues entail. My time is precious and I know yours is too. Keep checking back RIGHT OVER HERE SWEETNESSย as I slowly add various images over the next weeks. great idea for gifts. and if you’re so inclined in participating, there’s free worldwide shipping on now and throughout the weekend.


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