Raised and educated in creative environments, Tanis Alexis Laird is an inspirational artist, teacher and collaborator.  Finding no interesting distinction between “art” and “craft,” she embraces the term “artisan” -meaning a person who is vested in the creative realm. 


Tanis is improvisational when sitting down to create. Her work is a culmination of her interests, environmental values, thought processes, ideas and magical things, an exploration of hope and her dedication to the life-long creative journey.

Tanis’ work has been shown locally in Vancouver, Canada and has been sold to patrons throughout the U.S, Europe and Asia.


4 responses to “about

  1. hehe Nice blog sweets 😉

  2. tanisalexis

    thanks kindly miss lovely. I do need to change that picture tho. LOL!

  3. babs

    i always forget to look here! is there any way to subscribe to yer blog sis?

  4. tanisalexis

    heyhey sis. Check out the link to the top right on the Home page. You can get it delivered right to your inbox. 🙂

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