Originals & mini prints for sale


Hooray! I have managed to get 4 original mixed media works online

and into my etsy shop. you can check them out here.

I took some quick photos of these and was asked about prints so for now,

there are also Mini Prints available in my Society6 shop along with a lot of others.

Check them out here.

Lots of healing going on here and recooperating after the tragic loss of my dear mother at the end of August.

Art  truly heals and I spent a few good strong sessions on Untitled III (seen below) as the images came to me in dreams while the most raw of emotions flowed through me.

Loss is intense and chaotic and desperate. Loss creates an etching within your being that never really fades away, it just becomes who you are.

I spend a great deal talking and writing about these changes and I cherish the chances to create and express my feelings with the art making process.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for loving art with me.



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