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hi everyone. a quick little update from me during this glorious summer we are having. I honestly haven’t been in the studio nearly as much as i’ve wanted to, but there are, of course, a million and one reasons (ahem!) for my not creating as much as my big artist muse would like of the bigger (and more exciting) reasons is that I am working on the organizational and business side of my work and that’s been new, and strange (hahaha!) and admittedly overwhelming. this is the dirty work I’ve avoided because I lacked a mentor during the process of getting “real” with my work. hey, I want this to be my main income don’t I? that’s a huge challenge for all artists, including this one. 🙂
and now I’m gaining allies which only further strengthens my journey as a creative person. Yesterday I met a wonderfully inspiring woman named Harmony who is the executive director at the Langley Arts Council. We met and chatted about what I felt I needed in my art business to become more sustainable (love that word) and it was a true pleasure to hear harmony’s words and perspectives about it all.
Harmony wants me to blog more often. lol! I told her I would try, so here I am….bear with me as I get my blogging shoes on and make sure they’re comfy and fit well. there will be more noise out of me here I hope. and in the meantime I also hope a revamp of this site will commence too. lots of exciting changes around here!
sending out a tonne of love to all who come here to read. i’ve been told I’m a story teller so hopefully I can share more stories with you all. xoxo!


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