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in the spring I got a wee bit obsessed with the idea of nuno felting some dresses for my wee one. I have been felting for about 5 years, and there is always always something new to learn about it, something to experiment with, something different to do with it. I think that’s one of the biggest things that attracted me to felting as a medium. the versatility, the creative stretch my brain has to make. not only is it an art form, it requires a little bit of forethought before jumping into the suds.

nuno felting is another beautiful, functional technique of felting. wool layered upon a lightweight fabric such a cheesecloth, linen, or silk chiffon, it is a textured, drapable material.

there are next to no online resources on how to nuno felt a dress in one piece (which is how some felt artists create these beautiful dresses and tops) so I am on my own. I quickly etched out a basic resist out of an old blue tarp, and started on what I had planned in my head and this is the result!
This is certainly a prototype in it’s highest form. I think I will finish it off with a bit of thin satin ribbon to tie as a lace up the back. And as for sizing, well it’s a shot in the dark for now, that can come later.
I still have so many images of what I’d like to see in a nuno felted dress and this first try at it starts a list of things I must keep in mind for the next time I attempt such a large project. I believe I may be at it for the next many months trying to perfect my mental image until I get the dress “just right”.
what ongoing project do you have in your hands? is there something out there that has inspired you so much that you feel the urge to perfect the technique? share your thoughts in the comments!

lotsa love, xo!


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  1. That’s a gorgeous dress! I love the colours and the shape. It looks like a very successful prototype!

    I made my first pair of knee high felted boots on a course a few months ago and felt that urge to perfect the technique that you mentioned. I could feel exactly what needed tweaking and was itching to have another go but I haven’t got around to it yet! It was such a huge job to make that first pair that I’ve been feeling a bit daunted about having another go! I’ve got some time off work coming up though so I might get inspired to try a second pair πŸ™‚

    You’re right about felting being appealing because of its versatility. I’m always spotting something new in a book or on a website that I’ve never seen done before.

    Looking forward to seeing how your dressmaking progresses!

    Kate πŸ™‚

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