baby bird summertime sale – deal o’ the week

Thought I should post some of the nifty deals that I’m offering this summer under my “summertime baby bird sale”  

This is a seasonal sale, but is very rare. I wont be offering deals like this anytime in the near future and may have to temporarily close shop by years end, so catch this while you can friends.

I am also telling my artistic and crafty friends that trades, too, are definitely welcome! Send me a note or comment here and I’ll be in touch with you to talk more details.

but without further ado…..the deal o’ the day!

bird under the trees ORIGINAL

bird in the green ORIGINAL

bird dreams ORIGINAL

these 3 original pieces were all created with a handcarved bird stamp, placed on unique handmade papers, with ink and acrylic accents.

All packaged up with bristol board and tages of authenticity, these are some sweet little gems for your art collection. Each measures about 6″ x 6″

All pieces are marked down at 50% off PLUS free shipping! I couldn’t dream of a better deal.

Interested in something else? Intrigued by the sale and it’s offerings? comment below & I’ll reply as quick as I can!

Check out my shop and the one-time deals here!

happy days! xo!



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3 responses to “baby bird summertime sale – deal o’ the week

  1. i nabbed them, i had to! (i’m sorry everyone else!)

    they’re so beautiful, i couldn’t resist!

  2. tanisalexis

    and you’re a star for that crafty dame! thanks kindly! xo

  3. i wish my budget allowed for some of your bigger pieces too!

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