Koko Taylor – The Queen of the Blues.

Koko Taylor – The Queen of the Blues., originally uploaded by tanisalexis.

I just heard that Koko Taylor passed away yesterday at the age of 80.

This woman has been a HUGE musical influence on me since I was very young. She was one my fathers favourite blues artists and one of mine.
This woman is the ultimate powerhouse to me -her lyrics, her stories, her history, her almighty voice and truly kickass history as one of the BEST Blues artists in this world.

Thank you Koko for influencing this little Canadian kid and many many many others.

See more about Koko here : on wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koko_Taylor
on her own site: http://www.kokotaylor.com/

and her Unbelieveable voice. bring some Koko into your life:


Peace be with you Koko, LOVE YOU!!!XO

I’m off to go listen to my albums now…sniffle…


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