‘the good people’ – Lori Sandstedt

Greetings friends. Here is another installment to our ‘Good People’ series. Happy reading and happy easter!

 lori marsha

Tell me what you do, who you are, and the area you are located:

Hi- I’m Lori Sandstedt and I live in a 100 year old house in a small town
in southern California. The name of my business is Lorimarsha and I make
new things from old things. Yeah, I find perfectly good stuff that other
people have discarded and attempt to give it a fresh spin.


What lights your creative fire?

I’m inspired by color, pattern, texture, unexpected combinations, street
art, vintage clothing…well the list goes on and on.


Do you collect/hoard anything?

I collect Bakelite buttons, vintage souvenir scarves, and handmade art and

List some of the things that make you happy:

Vintage Mexicana, music, good food, traveling with my husband, spending
time with my family, making new friends, taking photographs, supporting
other artists.

laughter, the hum of my Bernina, chirps from my backyard squirrel,
tradewinds, Ethan’s lisp created by two missing top teeth, the nearby
train during the night.

I enjoy combinations like chartreuse and maroon, tangerine and turquoise,
navy blue and mustard yellow, cream and ivory.

Swedish rye bread fresh from the oven, brewing coffee, lavender linen
spray, orange blossoms,

bravo, juxtaposition, sat nam, quixotic, rotunda, verbose, magnanimous,

things behind windows, street art, rusty metal, signs, red poppies


Describe your (almost) perfect day:

Because I have never traveled alone, I have this fantasy where I awake in
a place I’ve never been before. I find a little cafe and have a cup of
coffee. Then I walk the streets looking into shop windows, watching people
while taking surreptitious photos of how they’re dressed. I jump on a bus
and listen in on conversations, writing down little snippets that I find
interesting. I hop off somewhere- anywhere- and look for a little market
where I buy something for lunch. I find a park bench, eat my lunch while
watching children running and playing. The sun is shining and feels warm
on my face and makes me a little sleepy. I find my way back to my room for
a nap. I awake in time to find a place for dinner and enjoy a glass of
wine with a light meal. I buy a ticket to a concert or film and after it’s
over, I head back to my room. I read a book until I fall asleep.


Do you have a current project that is exciting you?  Would you like to share a little bit of it?

I’m involved in a couple of book projects that will be out in the Fall of
2009.  One is titled “Creative Time and Space- Making Room for Art”
written by Rice Freeman-Zachary and published by North Light Books. The
other is “Alchemy Arts- Recycling is Chic” published by Marion Boyars
Both books will include images of my work and insight into the process of


Thank you so much Lori! It’s was real fun to pick out the photos for this piece, you have so many great photos to see.

See more of Lori & her work on flickr (click on the photos)

her blog can be seen here: lorimarsha.com or on etsy lorimarsha.etsy.com

Stay tuned for more artist spotlights in the good people series in the coming few weeks. Cheers!



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4 responses to “‘the good people’ – Lori Sandstedt

  1. Thanks for this, Tanis. You know I’m a big fan of your work so I’m especially honored to be featured on your blog. XO

  2. Thank you so much for posting Lori’s work. Her work has always been so inspiring to me.

    I have never met Lori, but the vibe she always exudes from everything I have sen on the web is a healthy and happy one. We all need more Lori Sandstedts to make this world a better place.


  3. tanisalexis

    I agree completely Bee, and I’m glad you feel the way I do about such a glorious colourful woman such as Lori! Cheers!

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