new blog series – ‘the good people’

Hahaha! For lack of a better phrasing I have come up with the above as the title of a new blog post series I plan on executing for the next few weeks.

Let’s introduce the new series here at Tanis Alexis’ blog;

The Good People”

I am often inspired by many a creative person online. The internet and particularily places like are dreams for me to swim through as I vicariously live through hundreds of thousands of creative people who are so bold as to post their works online. I get to be witness to collaborations in art and lifestyles in so many inspiring lives. it is golden. I am grateful.

So to return my gratitude and to share with the world, I’ve contacted the first of many friends, acquaintances and strangers to see if they would be interested in answering a couple of my weird questions for your reading pleasure, right here, on this very blog. I’ve also asked permissions to borrow their photos off their flickr photostreams.

So be prepared to be inspired (i hope.)!!!!! These people are unique in their own right, and have such treasured qualities within them. I hope you feel the same way I do and I am sure we all look forward to reading your feedback.

So, let’s start with my promise to those who have taken the time to send me their thoughts, and try my own hand at this little questionaire I wrote up for the good people:

Tell me what you do, who you are, and the area you are located: I am a woman. I am a mixed media artist. I am in Vancouver, Canada. I live, love, laugh and create things with my 2 hands.  

What lights your creative fire?  Music! a moving beat, poetic lyrics, something I can sing to.  A new perspective or idea. Seeing creative people do what they love. Sunshine. New materials. An idea I must execute. 


Do you collect/hoard anything? Recycled materials – objects that I hope will have a renewed life. Paper. Wool & fibres. Recipes. Old department store catalogues. (from 1900’s to 1970’s) Art! I’ve amassed a collection of little things without really trying.


List some of the things that make you happy:

The love of my life, my friends..

objects? good food. white objects. bowls. pots. baskets. vessels. secret street art. brickwalls. old houses & buildings. things most people don’t notice.


sounds? brown paper being crinkled. the soothing or scratchy voices of singers. a catchy bass line. cats purring rhythmically. rain on a tent or metal roof. drum beats that make you want to move.


colours? all of them! the deep ones. burgundy, reds, purples, the entire blue / green spectrum.


smells? mown grass. ocean tides. any citrus. sandalwood. bacon & onion. rain on hot pavement. my mum’s basement.


words? archipelago. omnivore. certainly. (I’m sure there are many more)


images? laugh lines when someone laughs or smiles. little toes. the sky – cloud formations, colours at sunrise/sunset, nighttime stars & aurora borealis, stormy clouds. freckles. eyes. 


we shall live here #7

we shall live here #7

What is one of your pet peeves?

simply put: disrespect. in any form.

Describe your (almost) perfect day. With or without the “traveling around the world” bit?!?!


…wake up next to my love. smiles and sunshine. a morning walk to the farmers market. lots of laughs. healthy breakfast. good converstation. lunch out with some good old friends. more laughs. lots of hugs. an afternoon full of creative drive. giving gifts I made. reading a book or people watching or sketching on the beach or on a patio. meeting someone beautifully unique. a romantic dinner with my love. a night of live music. dancing. more laughs..

Do you have a current project that is exciting you? Would you like to share a little bit of it?  I always have quite a few projects on the go at once, either in reality or still floating around in my brain. I’m finding ways of using up all of my ‘hoarded’ materials creatively before letting myself buy a huge amount of wool for more felting projects this summer.


Thanks kindly for reading everyone. I’ll be posting the 1st of this “the good people” series very soon. stay tuned.



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6 responses to “new blog series – ‘the good people’

  1. It’s wonderful to read more about you. I would love to be one of those friends on that perfect day.

  2. Awww Tanis…I loved reading every single word. You are such a kind and loving soul and the world is lucky to have you. XO

  3. What beautiful words to describe yourself so fully! I could relate to a lot of it, not the least of which – “using up all of my ‘hoarded’ materials creatively.”

  4. oh i love this!
    and love reading more about wonderful YOU!
    you are so eloquent, so inspiring, so beautiful, tanis!
    thanks for being such a delight to the world!

  5. babs

    wow, yours sounds a lot more chipper than mine! you’re such a love! xo

  6. I think we have more in common than I ever suspected.

    I love that first painting.

    Great to read this! I think I will really enjoy reading about your other “good people”. 🙂


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