surprise breeds vitality

A surprise note from a wonderful old school friend I received today in regards to life throwing us curve balls…..

“Life sure does like to throw the curve balls.  I think if it didn’t throw us some now and then, we would end up just moving through life without really enjoying it. Its good to take a direction you’re not expecting to take. Surprise breeds Vitality.”

This will be my mantra from now on.

 surprise kisses – valentines card



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4 responses to “surprise breeds vitality

  1. Barb Vigeant

    Hi Tanisalexis,
    Who won your cards?

  2. tanisalexis

    Hi Barb! Thanks for asking, a lady that goes by the name of Rikrak ( won the cards. She came up in the number generator I used.
    Hope all is well and happy days!!!

  3. Barb Vigeant

    Thank you for letting me know I was curious…. like your art

  4. “Surprise breeds vitality”…I think I’ll borrow this for my mantra as well. Very timely!

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