give away! write a note to your loved one.

who doesn’t like love notes? doesn’t matter who it could be from, your friend, your roomate, your little brother or your mom, don’t deny it, it feels GOOD!

So I am doing a giveaway here.

leave a comment below telling me who the most surprising & delightful person would be in your world to recieve a love note from. be sure to leave an email address or link to you so I can find you.

I’ll randomly pick a winner in about a week, February 6th -and announce it here. the winner will get an assortment of postcards of my work (seen above) plus a few other fun little goodies as a surprise.

have fun! xo!



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10 responses to “give away! write a note to your loved one.

  1. Barbro Vigeant

    I would fall over if I got a love note from my younger brother(58 years old). He is not emotional.

  2. Siw Soderman

    I not from my estranged brother would blow me over.

  3. xoeskie

    the guy who wanted to marry me a year ago

  4. oh these are fabulous, tanis! a little piece of your glorious art to cherish!

    hmmmm…. i’d send one as a lovenote to my sweet hubby! he loves your amazing art as much as i do, and we love to send little notes every now and again for fun!

  5. This is such a sweet idea Tanis.
    I would be so thrilled to receive a loving note from my son. He’s a poet and writes beautiful poems to all the girls in his life but sometimes I think boys forget that they have mothers who love them too.

  6. minouette

    Oh! Cute cards, hard question.

    My PhD supervisor told me that his PhD supervisor used to send his students notes. For instance, as graduate students are wont to have spotty attendance, he sent my boss a post card with a photo of a fearsome Asian mask from the Royal Ontario Museum. The message would be succinct (“How are things?”, “Progress?”, “When can I expect you?”). The students would panic and write up a progress report pronto. Then they would receive the 2nd card, which would be a peaceful scene of the Lake District.

    I would be tickled if he sent me a nice postcard (though even a fearsome one would be funny).

  7. tanisalexis

    thank you SO Much for coming by and posting friends! I’ve done a pick and will be contacting the winner shortly. Hooray! Sending best wishes and LOVE NOTES to you all!!!!

  8. babs

    i need a lovenote from my sis in canada 😉

  9. Hi Tanis! Your blog looks great! I love your postcards. Are they MOO postcards? Hmmm…. I suppose the most surprising and delightful person to receive a love note from would be my hubby… He has been bogged down at work for the last 3 weeks and I haven’t seen him much.
    Hugs, Laurraine

  10. Oops! I suppose I was a little late to enter but that’s okay :o)

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