collaboration – poetry & paint

Fellow Canadian jewelry designers Guylaine and Isabelle Martineau have teamed up with myself on a fun, collaborative project. 

The duo, best known by their business name  .tomated’epingles. create extremely unique and eco-conscious designs that are not only hip and chic, but very cutting edge. They are known to encorporate the most unexpected and suprising elements into their work, such as buttons, clock parts, film negatives, feathers, recycled leathers, and even fountain pen tips!

I was inspired by Guylaine’s poetry and expressions and took her writings along with some of my own and created the pendants you see above on wooden discs. I sent 20 wooden, painted, and art-ed pendants across the country to the girls in Quebec and they went to work composing the pendants into shiny, wearable pieces of jewelry art!

So far the collaboration has been successful enough, that I needed to order 40 more wooden discs and should get to work on the painting and prepping of them this week. stay tuned and be sure to check out what those lovely ladies are up to by looking at their blog, they currently have a fun Valentine’s Day giveaway (fun!)



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2 responses to “collaboration – poetry & paint

  1. woohooo! this is the best news i’ve heard all week! a collaboration of my 2 faves!!!! i love love love it!

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