art event this saturday. CARDED!

from the makers of the Hot 1″ Action Button show comes CARDED!

a one night only show of art, music and fast paced trading action

The work of fifty artists will be presented on trading cards and made available for art lovers to collect and trade. These 2.5″x3.5″ cards will be displayed on the gallery wall and the audience is offered the opportunity to buy randomly selected cards in packs of five for $5.

If the pack purchased does not have the desired card, you are invited to trade with the people around you. How bad do you want that art-card?

Arrive early on Saturday January 24 because Little Mountain Studios will heat up quickly with some hot trading card action. By 11pm, there won’t be any cards left!  Hot One Inch Action.

This show is produced and curated by Chris Bentzen and Jim Hoehnle. To get a better sense of what this show is about, check out our other show



I’ve been part of the One Inch Action show 3 times in the past and it is one of those rare gems for events in this city. Keeping in mind this is from the perspective of a transplanted prairie-girl, this city is not always the easiest to meet new people in. What Chris and Jim bring to these unique and ongoing events is fun, friendliness and socializing. All walks of life merge together all in the name of art for one frenzied, hot and bustling evening of trades.

It should be a hoot.



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3 responses to “art event this saturday. CARDED!

  1. Lorimarsha

    Yay!!!! Congratulations on a fine looking blog. It’s a lot of work but you hung in there and got it done. And thanks for the link,too! XO

  2. Hey if only I were more notherly I would so be there. I’ve had art cards on the brain lately.

  3. tanisalexis

    Thanks lovely ladies! it was lots of fun but a very very packed house, so not so cool if you’re claustrophobic! a night of fun was had!

    Sonya, I would love to see what you come up with if you decide to make art cards.

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